CSS has decades of experience in ASIC design and manufacturing services that serve the Industrial, Medical, Aerospace & Defense, and Consumer markets.

We live in exciting times as many industrial settings are undergoing a true revolution by accelerating the adoption of advanced semiconductor technologies to realize drastic improvements in sensing, computing, and communications. The so-called 4th Industrial Revolution (or Industry 4.0, for short) promises to be as transformative as previous industrial revolutions. For example, the push to increase connectedness—both within the factory and directly to the cloud—is rapidly expanding visibility and controllability to enterprise management systems. Such advancements present an incredible opportunity to leverage custom IC solutions to meet the unique demands for factory automation and control.

CSS has extensive experience in Industrial ASIC circuit design and manufacturing for a variety of industrial applications. Leveraging our expertise in high-voltage and precision analog front-end design enables CSS to quickly develop innovative architectures, high-performing analog circuits, and full-custom microchips.

An ASIC intended for industrial end markets is typically required to operate and maintain performance across wide temperature ranges. Furthermore, the environment can be somewhat harsh due to conducted and radiated emissions from motors, AC drivers, and high-power transmissions. CSS understands and designs for these interfering sources so that both analog and digital integrated circuits are robust in this unforgiving environment. Please contact CSS today to see how we can help get your Industrial ASIC to market as soon as possible.
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