CSS has decades of experience in ASIC design and manufacturing services that serve the Industrial, Medical, Aerospace & Defense, and Consumer markets.

Consumer electronics is the most entertaining segment of the market that semiconductors have enabled and inspired.  We, as consumers, get to interact with many such products every day ranging from smartphones and computers to TVs and virtual reality headsets.  A sizable portion of the consumer market is served by standard products—and, in large measure, rightly so.  The high-volume nature of consumer electronics allows OEMs to demand innovative new products and low prices; semiconductor suppliers will willingly design such standard product microchips given the promise of a high volume in production.  Furthermore, several common subsystems within consumer electronic devices are not unique nor provide unusual value (e.g., power systems).  For such applications, standard products provide significant coverage for the consumer market.  Luckily for ASIC companies such as CSS, the consumer market is huge and new products and applications are constantly invented that do require differentiating electronic functions, sensor interfaces, performance, and form factors.

CSS has a long history—almost three decades—of developing and manufacturing high-performance, low-power, low-cost, and high-yielding ASICs for consumer markets.  CSS has designed many custom ICs for consumer applications and has shipped tens of millions of those ASICs. CSS has provided multi-generational ASIC solutions to established consumer product power houses. But we have also partnered with smaller and less-established companies with unique and innovative designs that enable their success.

We understand that the nature of consumer products demands an extremely aggressive schedule.  CSS excels at providing quick-turn ASIC design and manufacturing services so you can meet your specific market on time. At CSS, we are the ASIC experts and we leverage our wealth of experience to design, prototype, and industrialize consumer ASICs in record times in order to meet these demanding schedules.

We understand that time to market can make or break a product so our engineering team will invest the time needed upfront to fully understand the unique requirements of your application and find ways to improve the development cycle.  CSS will optimize the ASIC architecture and IP reuse and we can all but guarantee that the first prototypes will be functional and enable early firmware development for the system.  First-time-right silicon will dramatically shorten the development cycle.

As we engage on each new consumer ASIC, we become true partners with the common goal of a timely production release and meeting the market demand.  Please contact CSS today to see how we can help get your Consumer ASIC to market as soon as possible.
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