Wireless Metering

ASIC Success Story


Wireless metering has greatly simplified the collection of residential and commercial utility usage data.  Many of these systems are built on sub-1 GHz communication standards that benefit from using spread spectrum techniques which allow robust and secure communication in a crowded and narrow radio band.

CSS partnered with a leading supplier of wireless metering systems to create a robust spread spectrum transceiver.

Utility meter.
Layout image of wireless metering chip.

Custom Solution from CSS

This ASIC, along with an MCU in the system, control the operation of a 900MHz spread spectrum transceiver. 

The ASIC is responsible for system timing & wake-up delay, message formatting, pseudo-random sequence generator, RAM, EEPROM and low battery detector. A sleep mode is included to conserve power in battery applications.

Key Features

  • Wide Supply Range (2.7V to 5.5V)
  • Low Standby Current (< 10uA)
  • Internal 4-Bit and 8-Bit DACs
  • Internal RAM & EEPROM
  • Watchdog & Wakeup Timers
  • Coarse & Fine Modulation Outputs
  • Temperature Range = -40°C to +85°C
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