Aerospace & Defense Market

CSS has decades of experience in ASIC design and manufacturing services that serve the Industrial, Medical, Aerospace & Defense, and Consumer markets.

The Aerospace and Defense industries require products designed and manufactured to operate and perform in extreme environmental conditions while maintaining superior reliability.  Off-the-shelf components present inefficiencies of weight, performance, and power compared to custom ASIC designs.  In addition, standard ICs rarely have sufficient security nor the ability to resist reverse engineering efforts from bad actors whereas ASICs can include special circuitry designed to thwart such attacks.

When every gram and joule counts, an ASIC is the best option for systems destined to take flight.  In addition, ASICs for Aerospace and Defense applications have stringent reliability requirements as they need to be resilient to withstand high levels of radiation in high altitudes as well as extreme temperatures ranging from the hottest deserts to the coldest reaches of earth and even beyond our world’s atmosphere.  For these applications, the reliability and performance of the electronics systems are matters of life and death and Aerospace & Defense ASICs from CSS are up to the task.

CSS has decades of experience in ASIC design and manufacturing services for many Aerospace and Defense customers.  We are experts in meeting the stringent demands required for such products.  Our engineering team specializes in high-voltage design, wideband radio transmissions, accelerometers, gyroscopes, image sensors, and radar systems. Our engagement model can take the form of a turnkey ASIC that includes full chip design and manufacturing support or merely design services where we provide expertise in subsystem design and layout.  Regardless of the circuit needs or engagement model, CSS is ready to leverage its expertise to support innovative designs for the Aerospace and Defense industries.  Please contact CSS today to see how we can help get your Aerospace and Defense ASIC to market as soon as possible.
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