Industrial Printhead

ASIC Success Story


Industrial printing is used for printed communications, product packaging, truck wraps, decorative surfaces, textiles, and countless other industrial applications.  In the heart of every industrial printer is an ink dispensing system.  

CSS designed a high-voltage 256 channel driver array for a piezoelectric inkjet printhead for the world’s leading provider of inkjet printheads for commercial and industrial print applications.  

Industrial large-format printer.
Layout image of industrial printhead chip.

Custom Solution from CSS

This ASIC provides the shift registers, latches, and high-voltage drivers that activate the piezoelectric transducers that in turn dispense ink.

The ASIC is physically divided into four identical 64-bit tiles that are stacked end-to-end.  A large-format industrial  printer may have hundreds of ASICs installed.  Each output has a current limiting circuit which forces the output off in the event of a transient over current in the driving transistor.   The shift register can be clocked up to 50MHz.

Key Features

  • HV Drivers up to 45V
  • +/-15mA current max per driver
  • All-on control to enable all drivers
  • onsemi’s 0.18um 45V process
  • Bumped Die with electroplated copper pillars
  • Temperature Range = 0°C to +65°C (active cooling)
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