CSS has decades of experience in ASIC design and manufacturing services that serve the Industrial, Medical, Aerospace & Defense, and Consumer markets.

Integrating semiconductor technologies into medical devices for imaging, diagnostics, patient monitoring, and personal health has improved health outcomes worldwide.  Implantable and external medical devices that utilize ASICs provide life-saving and live-improving monitoring and therapy for a wide range of health conditions.

Off-the-shelf components are rarely optimized to meet the ultra-low power, high performance, and tiny form factors demanded for implantable medical devices.  At CSS, we leverage decades of experience in medical ASIC design and manufacturing services to supply custom ICs for many innovative and exciting new products and technologies supporting these incredible product advancements in the medical industry.

Our engineers are experts at optimizing size and power for custom microchips that integrate sensing, signal processing, driving, wireless power and data transceivers, embedded memory, and microprocessors. Our medical ASICs are found in applications in cancer treatment, in-home and clinical patient care, hearing health, heart monitoring, and many others.  Please contact CSS today to see how we can help get your Medical ASIC to market as soon as possible.
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