Phased Array Antennas

ASIC Success Story


CSS partnered with an innovative start-up that is developing a novel, integrated circuit for advanced antenna systems.  

This device provides all-digital beamforming from sub-6 GHz to millimeter wave. 

Compared to commercially available components, this device will provide higher precision and dynamic-range, lower cost, as well as lower power dissipation in a significantly smaller footprint. 

5G tower base station.
Layout image of phased array antenna chip.

Custom Solution from CSS

The primary functions of the device are the direct conversion of digital data to radio signals for transmission (i.e., a transmitter function), and the direct conversion of radio signals to digital data for reception (i.e., a receiver function)

Key Features

  • Tower/Jazz SBC18H3 SiGe process
  • Sub-6 GHz to millimeter wave
  • Differential Amplifier
  • Active Balun
  • Mixer (Gilbert Cell)
  • Distribution Amplifier
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