MEMs Mirror Array

ASIC Success Story


Microscopes and vision inspection systems typically rely on mechanical variation of the position of optical lenses in order to create focused images.  Using this method, it is rather difficult to capture clear images in multi-layered target objects unless the focus is changed to capture each layer.

In automated systems, the lens positions are usually controlled by step motors; thus, focusing times are limited by the speed of the motor.  

CSS has partnered with an innovative optical company that has developed a MEMs-based mirror system that allows for near instant focusing over a wide depth of field as well as 3D imaging using the MEMs mirror to focus the image.

Robotic arm with vision inspection system.
Layout image of MEMs mirror array chip.

Custom Solution from CSS

CSS designed an ASIC that provides 0V-40V MEMs drivers with 12-bit resolution.  There is one 12-bit DAC for each column.

Frame data for each focal setting is stored in an off-chip Flash.  LVDS and QSPI communications pair the ASIC with the system MCU and a QSPI links the ASIC to the external Flash.

Key Features

  • XFAB SOI process
  • 40V HV MEMs Drivers with 12-bit resolution
  • Accesses off-chip Flash for frame data for each focal setting
  • 12-bit DACs
  • LVDS and QSPI pair the ASIC with the system MCU
  • Another QSPI links the ASIC to external Flash
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