High-Value Asset RF TAG

ASIC Success Story


How does an organization safeguard its high-value assets from getting lost or stolen?  How can an organization quickly inventory assets in a warehouse?  

One attractive solution that meets both needs is actively tracking such assets with wireless RF transponders.   

CSS partnered with a leading defense company to create an ASIC that provides the communication link in a 7.8GHz wireless transponder for high-value assets.

Glowing dots across a city, showing IoT connectivity.
Layout image of high-value RF tag chip.

Custom Solution from CSS

This RF Tag ASIC has 3 modes of operation: SLEEP, SNIFF and REPEAT modes: 

In SLEEP mode nearly all circuits are turned off to conserve battery power. 

In SNIFF mode the ASIC receiver circuitry is powered up to detect the interrogator carrier signal.

When the carrier signal is detected the ASIC switches into REPEAT mode and transmits the ASIC-specific data to the interrogator. Upon completion of transmission, or if no carrier is detected, the ASIC switches back to SLEEP mode.

Key Features

  • SiGe BiCMOS Process
  • High Performance LNA
  • Limiting Amp
  • Signal Level Detectors
  • Frequency Dividers
  • Filters and Mixers
  • Transmitter
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