Home and Business Security System

ASIC Success Story


Security monitoring systems are becoming critical infrastructure for both home and commercial use.  Perimeter monitors rely on constantly acquiring data from a wide variety of sensors–window/door magnetic switches, infrared sensors, microphones, glass-break sensors, etc.

CSS partnered with a leading supplier of security systems to create an ASIC that allows for hundreds of diverse nodes to be installed on a single twisted-pair power line.  It is an ideal solution for perimeter monitoring for factories and industrial sites.  

Security camera with icons of security system elements.
Layout image of home and business security chip.

Custom Solution from CSS

This security system ASIC provides a 2-way communication link over the +12V, twisted-pair power line.  Power, clock, bi-directional data and a reset function are included in the interface.  Up to 256 devices may share a single twisted-pair, so collision avoidance is also incorporated into the interface protocol. 

Each ASIC actively monitors up to four sensors per chip.  Changes in sensor state are communicated to the central controller by one of six polling modes.  An on-board EEPROM stores a unique device ID number, so the central control unit can identify each device in the system.

Key Features

  • 2-Wire, multi-level 15V Max Voltage Interface
  • Integrated ADC
  • Provides power, clock, data, reset
  • Configurations stored in integrated EEPROM
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