Micro-Power 555 Timer

ASIC Success Story


The CSS555C is an off-the-shelf advanced version of the popular 555 timer. 

It contains a six-decade programmable counter to allow time delays ranging from microseconds to days.

Hourglass amid electronics circuitry to represent 555 timer.
Layout image of 555 Timer chip.

Custom Solution from CSS

The analog circuits are temperature compensated for good stability. An internal timing capacitor is included to minimize the number of external components. The CSS555C Timer draws an incredible 10X less current than any other 555 timer device on the market. For specs and more information, please see the CSS555 Timer page.

Key Features

  • 5uA total current consumption
  • 1.2V to 5.5V Power Supply
  • 555 Timer with Program Counter
  • Integrated 100pF +/- 1% Timing Cap
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