Implantable Hearing Aid

ASIC Success Story


Nearly 20% of the global population live with some kind of hearing loss and over 5% of the world’s population has disabling hearing loss.  Unfortunately, only about 1 in 5 people who would benefit from hearing aids use them.

CSS partnered with an innovative hearing health company that pioneered a fully implanted hearing aid device.  This innovative solution uses the ear to pick up natural sound, which is amplified and transferred directly to the inner ear.  The device eliminates the need to constantly remember to put in removable hearing aids. This product helps those suffering with hearing loss regain the ability to communicate effectively and restore their confidence to engage in an active social life.

Diagram of inner ear showing implantable cochlea device.

Custom Solution from CSS

Demonstrating a flexible engagement model, CSS assisted in the ASIC design for this product but did not own the top-level design.  CSS helped the customer set up their PSPICE mixed-signal design environment as well as the foundry’s PDK.  

CSS then provided several IP blocks, core library elements, as well as a custom-designed nonvolatile memory, SRAM, and a crystal oscillator.  The customer designed the remainder of the chip, incorporating these blocks, did their own layout, and owned the top-level GDS, which they submitted for fabrication.  CSS then managed the assembly work and provided QFN parts.

Key Features

  • Implemented PSPICE design environment
  • Set up PDK with analog, digital, and mixed-mode models
  • Custom NV Latch
  • Digital and I/O Libraries
  • XTAL Oscillator
  • Custom SRAM
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