CSS Mixed Signal ASIC Solutions

From Concept through Production,
your Mixed Signal ASIC Solution.

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ASIC Design Begins with a Complete Block Diagram

Design Reviews (4) Provide for Excellent Communications

Proven Cell Designs are the Building Blocks for most of your ASIC

SPICE Circuit Simulations at all Levels (Cells to Top Level)

Custom Layouts Insure Lowest Production Cost and Best Performance

Fabrication with a Process Best Suited to Your Needs

ASICs are Wafer Probed at the CSS Facility for Efficient Evaluation

Custom ASIC Development -
The Process

The Custom Silicon Solutions ASIC Development Process provides a proven roadmap for your Product Development

Application Review

  • Review of your system requirements
  • Establish ASIC requirements

ASIC Quotation

  • Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE)
  • Estimated Unit Price (in Production)
  • Development Schedule

Preliminary Design Review

  • Review Block Diagram
  • Establish Specification
  • Establish Packaging Requirements
  • Establish Test Requirements
  • Review Schedule
  • Establish target Die Size
  • Establish Fabrication Process

Initial Design & Layout

  • Complete Critical Circuits design
  • Complete preliminary ASIC Floor Plan
  • Complete Built-In Test features

Critical Design Review

  • Review Critical Circuit performance
  • Report physical layout status

Final Design & Layout

  • Complete Cell Level designs
  • Complete Top Level design
  • Simulate over temperature and voltage
  • Complete Design Rule Checks (DRC's)
  • Complete Layout Vs. Schematic (LVS)
  • Prepare Test Plans

Final Design Review

  • Review Simulations
  • Review Test Plans
  • Review Physical Layout
  • Proceed to Fabrication

Prototype Fabrication

  • Mask Fabrication
  • Silicon Fabrication

Test Program Development

  • Prototype Test Program
  • Preliminary Production Test Program

Prototype Evaluation

  • CSS tests Prototype at wafer probe
  • CSS tests Prototype in package
  • Customer evaluates Prototype

Prototype Acceptance Review

  • ASIC performance versus Specification
  • Reliability Testing Review
  • Yield Analysis Review
  • Proceed to Production