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Custom Mixed Signal ASIC

Our mission is to provide a custom Mixed Signal ASIC for your electronic system - one which will improve performance and reduce your production costs - all at the lowest possible price and with a minimum of assistance from your technical staff.

Semiconductor Company Specializing in Custom Mixed Signal Technology

Custom Silicon Solutions (CSS) is a Semiconductor Company specializing in custom "Mixed Signal" technology that can combine both Analog and Digital functions in a single chip. Plus, we are experts in adding Nonvolatile Memory (EEPROM) functions to the same chip.  This combined technology capability makes possible a single chip that can replace most of your existing electronic system.  Our ASIC Basics page reviews CSS capabilities in the ASIC industry.

CSS is a "fabless" semiconductor company, which allows us to choose the best foundry to meet your needs.  Packaging is also subcontracted for improved flexibility and lower cost.  Unlike most, we typically test both prototype and production units in-house.  This optimum approach significantly lowers testing costs (both development and recurring) and provides more timely test data for further cost reductions.  See our ASIC Development and ASIC Production pages for more information on testing.

CSS has been successful in this business since 1996, providing Measurement and Control ASICs to the Industrial, Medical, Security, Sensors and Automotive markets.  Refer to our Applications Overview page for examples of ASICs designed for these markets.

Our customers are always happily surprised to find that they can acquire a Mixed Signal ASIC without the need to dedicate staff to the job or to cope with all of the technical aspects.  They are also pleased to find a semiconductor company willing to dedicate full resources to their "smaller" production requirements.  Review our Customer Comments page for some examples.


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