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ASIC Glossary of Terms

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Tape & Reel:
Pocket carrier Tape with a protective Cover Tape that holds the device in place on a Reel.

Temperature cycle:
A test whereby devices are stored for short periods alternately at high and low temperatures in gas filled chambers, with a maximum transfer time between chambers of one minute. This stresses device assembly because of the different thermal coefficients of expansion of the various materials used.

Thermal resistance:
Normally stated in terms of °C/W, it is the indicator of the package's ability to dissipate the heat generated by the chip during operation.

Thermal secondary breakdown:
Burnout of a semiconductor junction area as the result of a reverse-bias voltage or current induced thermal runaway condition.

Thermal shock:
Similar to Temperature Cycle except that the environments are liquid, and the transfer is immediate. Normally Performed for 15 cycles from 0°C to + 100°C, this is a much more severe stress of the package seal and is normally employed only on a sample basis

Thick film:
Any coating thickness greater than 5 (5 X 104 A), typically formed by applying a liquid, solid, or paste coating through a screen or mask in a selective pattern.

Thin film:
Any coating thickness less than 5µ (5 X 104 A), typically formed by vacuum depositing or sputtering.

Threshold voltage:
The voltage level at which a device will recognize a falling or rising voltage as a change in logic state.

A mounting technique for semiconductor packages in which the device leads are passed through holes in the mounting surface. Attachment of leads may be accomplished with solder or with other mechanical means.

Tin dip:
A term commonly misapplied to the solder dipping of device leads.

Those characteristics of hardware or software which allow its transferal from one system to another system and to interface compatibly with the hardware and software of the new system.

Triboelectric effects:
The creation of electrostatic charge that occurs when two surfaces contact and then separate, leaving one positively charged and the other negatively charged.

Trim and form:
The step in the assembly process for devices assembled on a lead frame (such as flatpacks and dual-in-line packages) where the lead frame is trimmed off and the leads bent or formed into their specified positions.

Trimming Analog circuits:
The use of floating gate MOS devices for trimming Analog circuits

Truth table:
For a logic device, a table showing the output logic states that would result from each of the possible input logic combinations the device is designed to accept.