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ASIC Glossary of Terms

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An MOS process in which MOS transistors are formed by bridging two adjacent N-type diffusions (source and drain) with a dielectric (gate). When the source and the substrate are grounded and a positive voltage is applied to the gate, a conductive sheet of negative charge (N-channel) is created in the surface of the substrate under the dielectric.

Semiconductor material in which the majority carriers are electrons and are therefore negative.

Non-destructive bond pull:
Pull stressing of all wires on all devices or a sample of devices from a given lot to a pull force which is lower than the minimum pull force limit imposed for destructive bond pull.

Non-Volatile Memory
Nonvolatile (NV)Memory is memory which retains its stored value when power is removed.

Nonvolatile Random Access Memory

NPN transistor:
A junction transistor constructed by placing a P-type base between an N-type emitter and an N-type collector. The emitter is normally negative with respect to the base and the collector is normally positive with respect to the base.

Non-Recurring Engineering, refers to the one-time cost of researching, developing, designing, and testing a new product