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ASIC Glossary of Terms

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Land area:
That portion of the package lead which is inside the package cavity and to which the bonding wire will be connected to make electrical contact with the die.

A condition where the output of a circuit has become fixed near one of the two voltage extremes and will no longer react to changes in the input signal. Latchup may be radiation induced, but can also result from voltage overstresses and other causes.

Liquid Crystal Display, A display technology that uses rod-shaped molecules (liquid crystals) that flow like liquid and bend light.

Lead bend:
A torsion test for lead strength. The process whereby flatpack leads are reformed to facilitate mounting on a PC board.

Lead fatigue:
Application of a repetitive bending force to the leads of sample devices to insure structural integrity of leads and packages.

Leadless package:
An IC package that has no leads (pins). It instead uses metal pads at its outer edge to make contact with the printed circuit board.

Line width:
A measure of the horizontal dimensions of surface features of a semiconductor die, such as the separation between gate and drain diffusions on an MOS die.

Large Scale Integration-LSI devices are generally accepted to be those that contain between 100 and 1000 gate equivalents, or other circuitry of similar complexity.

Layout Versus Schematic, simulation process utilizing software tools.