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ASIC Glossary of Terms

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Gallium Arsenide (GaAs):
A semiconductor base material whose high electron mobility has led it to be used in the fabrication of high speed circuits. GaAs circuits are not considered as easy to manufacture as silicon circuits.

Gate array:
An integrated circuit containing a large number of gates that can be interconnected in any number of combinations to satisfy specific individual applications.

Gate equivalent:
The basic unit of measure for digital circuit complexity, based upon the number of individual logic gates that would have to be interconnected to perform the same circuit function.

Gate oxide:
A thin film of dielectric oxide material bridging the source and drain regions of an MOS semiconductor.

Generic data:
Qualification or quality conformance data on devices from the same generic product family as the device shipped.

Generic family:
A group of devices manufactured and assembled on the same line(s), using the same processes and materials, and designed to perform the same basic function (e.g., operational amplifiers, TTL gates, etc.).

see Passivation