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ASIC Glossary of Terms

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Computer Aided Design. The use of computer automation in the implementation of all or a portion of a design for a complex circuit.

Capacitive decoupling:
Protection of a device from voltage transients or "spikes", or the isolation of a device from an AC voltage by decoupling the voltage source(s) to ground through a capacitor.

Cell array:
An integrated circuit formed through the positioning and interconnection of a number of functional blocks, or cells, on a die.

Certificate of conformance:
A certificate provided by a manufacturer's QA department to the procuring activity with a lot of material to confirm that all material in the lot conforms with all applicable specifications.

A region of surface conduction opposite in type from that expected from the bulk doping. Channels are sometimes introduced unintentionally by surface ionic contamination. The type of channel (P or N) will be determined by the type of majority carrier introduced into the channel.

Electrical testing performed for the purpose of determining typical device performance characteristics and/or parametric limits.

Charge carrier:
A carrier of electrical charge within the crystal of a solid state device, such as an electron or a hole.

Chip carrier:
A leadless package used in the construction of both hybrids and boards. The chip carrier has a body configuration similar to a flat pack, but electrical connection is made through contacts on the package base rather than through conventional leads.

A common term used for an Integrated Circuit (IC).

CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor):
An MOS fabrication technology in which both P-channel and N-channel devices are fabricated on the same die.

Configuration control:
A requirement that a vendor notify the procuring and/or qualifying activity of a change in product manufacture or test. In some cases, the requirement will include delay of change implementation until after formal approval of the change.

Contact :
The opening in the surface passivation through which the device metallization makes contact with the circuit elements.

Central Processing Unit.

Current density:
The amount of current flow per unit of cross-sectional area within device metallization. For example, a 1 mA current flowing through a metallization stripe that is 3 wide and 1 thick would result in a current density of 0.33 x 105 A/cm2.